Mirafit Gym Equipment Review

TLDR: More likely to be found in your garden gym or printed on the side of some unused apparatus in a small town gym’s stretching area, Mirafit gym equipment is the next step up from your Argos home gym set, but can they be more? We review the brand for you.

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  • Mirafit is a UK based Gym Equipment brand
  • They have a 4.8 score on Trustpilot out of 16,000 reviews
  • Mirafit stock beginner to commercial grade gym equipment. 
Mirafit Gym Equipment Review

Quick Mirafit Ratings

Resale Value
Initial Cost
Value For Money
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Who are Mirafit the gym brand?

Mirafit is a UK-based fitness brand (Norfolk to be precise) known for its perceived affordability in gym equipment. It caters to a wide range of fitness enthusiasts, from beginners to professionals, offering a range of products from weights and barbells to cardio equipment. Primarily seen as home equipment specialists, they do offer commercial grade gym kit too.

What are the origins of Mirafit?

Founded in 2013, in the East of England, Mirafit emerged with the aim of making commercial ‘style’ gym equipment accessible to everyone. The brand has quickly garnered attention for its affordable yet durable equipment, enabling a wider audience to engage in fitness activities without breaking the bank. While a home gym equipment market isn’t a new thing, ‘think Argos’s Weider range’ – equipment that looked like it could pass for something you’d find in a professional setting was rarer and  a lot more expensive.

Where is Mirafit gym equipment made?

Mirafit gym equipment is primarily manufactured in Asia to keep costs down. So while they are warehouse is in Norfolk, the equipment is most likely coming in from China.

Where will you find Mirafit?

Is Mirafit a good brand

Where can you buy Mirafit Gym Equipment from?

You can buy Mirafit online from their own site, where they offer finance on orders over £2000 – but you will also find it filling up the pages of Facebook Marketplace too. I think I bought my bits of theirs from the brand directly, and you’ll find them on Amazon of course too. Their own site is pretty easy to use, especially where it is consumer facing.

Mirafit Gym Equipment Verdict

Reliability 65%
Aftercare 50%
Resale Value 25%
Pro Bodybuilder Focus 40%
Style 70%
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