How Much Does A Barbell Weigh

How much does a barbell weigh

Want the short answer? The average barbell weighs 20kg if it's the Olympic type.

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Know your barbell weight

TLDR: In this guide we walk through a number of the main barbells you’ll see in a gym and how much they weigh. They don’t all weigh the same, some are heavier, and their are tell-tale signs to look out for to know which is which. 

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Key Takeaways

  • This guide has no affiliate endorsement for any products discussed.
  • Barbell weights are based on manufacturer measurement data.
How much does a barbell weigh

Why Trust Our Barbell Weight Guide

As two nerds of the gym and PT trained fitness fans we have lifted a variety of good and bad barbells over the years. We have helped others establish their max lifts and we know how important it is to many that they know the right weight their lifting.

Does it matter knowing how much a barbell weighs?

There are two ways to answer this. Firstly, no it doesn’t matter at all. If your workout gets you to failure and you see progressive overload each workout, then weight is merely a number and a vanity metric. 

The second answer, is yes – it does matter. If you’re aiming to lift specific amounts for the NFL Combine, a Military entry test or simply need to gauge your limits from a safety perspective, then knowing how much a barbell weighs is very important.

Types of Barbells & Their Weight

There are 5 types of barbells you will commonly come across while on a weightlifting journey, some it is hard to identify the weight on and it’s product specific, some you can.

  • Olympic Barbell – 7-8 foot width – 20 kg weight: Will have thick 2 inch metal ends for handling Olympic weight plates.
  • Trap/Hex Bar – 25kg as standard – 2 inch metal ends: These are the square bars one stands in the middle of.
  • EZ Curl Bar – No standard weighting – 5-10kg: These are usually lighter as they are used for bicep and tricep work.
  • Smith Machine Bar – No standard weighting – varies on manufacturer – Nautilus use 7kg.
  • Swiss Barbell – No standard weighting – Rogue use 17.7kg – Mirafit use 20kg: These are the type which multiple hand positions.
  • 1 Inch Barbell – No standard weighting unlike the 2 inch barbell counterparts: These can weigh from 2kg to 10kg.
  • Women’s Barbell – This is a shorter slightly lighter version of the traditional Olympic barbell of 20kg. These are usually 6 foot 6 inches and weigh 15 kg.

Barbells By Brand

Not all brands product barbells to the same proportions. Some will product a heavier Trap/Hex bar than another. In the table below we have broken down the weights of barbells by brand.

The following measurements are based in KG. 1 KG (Kilogram) = 2.2 lbs

Barbell TypeRogueMirafitWatsonAmerican BarbellEleikoIvankoPrimal StrengthTroyBulldog
Olympic Barbell202020202020202020
Women's Barbell15.
Trap / Hex Barbell27.325.0N/A25.0N/AN/A16.0N/A28.5
Swiss Barbell19.525.0N/A20.0N/AN/A14.0N/A28.5
EZ Barbell14.08.0N/A14.

Outro // The Warm Down

That’s it. It doesn’t need to be more complex than this. You will find most barbells you are using in a commercial gym weigh around 45 lbs or 20 kg.

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